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2017 Lohetrapets Mystic Legend Navy

Tootja: Mystic
Aasta: 2017
2017 Lohetrapets Mystic Legend Navy
129,99 €
239,99 €
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Lohesurfi trapets
Unibody design
Non-water absorbent
Covered side parts
Double power leash rings
HP system included
Battle belt waist closure
Multi hook | Bananabar | low torque system
Spreaderbar protector
Safety knife included
Throw away all of the various layers and combine them into one single piece. The Legend is a one of a kind harness which combines simplicity and flexibility. The revolutionary flymold and flyway give the rider optimal support where needed.

The Flymold unibody is a revolutionary new concept that combines simplicity together with a new construction method to provide optimal back support and prevent complete water absorption. A one of a kind harness.

The Mystic R&D team developed a material with the ideal density to give perfect body grip with or without a wetsuit. This minimalistic approach makes the Flymould a revolutionary step in kite and windsurfing.

Fly Web The idea behind the Flyweb is that the force of the kite is evenly distributed over the Flymould which allows you to stay longer on the water. The center part of the Flyweb contains an ergonomically designed backplate with extra spinal inserts providing more support during kiting. With the Flyweb structure Mystic are able to maintain flexibility and give the rider the optimal support where needed.
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