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2018 Nobile T5 TRIBE lohesurfi laud

Tootja: Nobile
Aasta: 2018
2018 Nobile T5 TRIBE lohesurfi laud
349,99 €
599,00 €
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STYLE: freeride, freestyle
Main features:
• High comfort
• Solid edge grip
• Easy to ride
• Good pop
Flex (1-10): 7
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels System
Rocker line: Flat Continuous
Thanks to its perfect construction and reliability, T5 got into the PRO line. It’s a verylight board and its flex has been adjusted to perform well in all conditions. Big air and smooth landing becomes easy. The T5 is a great board with unique properties on the water. We have achieved this effect by including the Pre-Stress technology which magically stretches the wood fibres by weaving and laminating them with glass fabrics in their outstretched form. Thanks to this unique technology, Nobile boards gain bigger torsion resistance, which translates into fantastic upwind abilities and massive pop for jumps. Pre-Stress maintains energy within the board which, combined with perfectly chosen flex engineering, ensures low weight, responsiveness and exceptionally soft landings. Furthermore, by using the Wavy Channels system and a Flat Continuous Rocker, we have achieved easy manoeuvring with full board control, while the asymmetrical outline with extended backside edge allows easy and more effective curves. The T5 is perfect for freeride and freestyle elements. It performs well in any given conditions, from flat through to choppy water with small waves.For whom?
From beginners to advanced riders looking for an advanced freeride board with freestyle ambitions.Features:
• Wavy Channels System makes the board ride like it is on rails.
• Improved pre-stress technology provides outstanding edge grip and pop, as well as strengthening the board’s reactivity.
• Asymmetric outline facilitates curves and turns without any negative impact on upwind riding.
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